World Heritage

Panama is home to 5 World Heritage Sites: three natural and two cultural.

In Panama City, we recommend you visit the Archeological Site of Panama Viejo and Historic District of Panama City (Casco Viejo) to get a feel of colonial life in Panama. About an hour and a half away from Coconut Lodge, you will find another World Heritage Site: The Portobelo-San Lorenzo fortifications on the Carribean Side of Panama.  The Carribean side of Panama is very rich in culture and an interesting visit.

The Coiba Natural Park and its Special Zone of Marine Protection was originally a penal colony. For a little over 80 years, the only inhabitants of the island were the prisoners. The prison was shut down in 2004 and transformed into a reserve. The island is located in the province of Veraguas and about 6 and half hours away from Coconut Lodge.

La Amistad International Park is a zoned shared with Costa Rica. You will find an interesting interbreeding of North and South American fauna and flora. The Park is situated about 7 hours away from Coconut Lodge.

Last but not least, is the most mythical of all the World Heritage Sites: Darien National Park. The Darien province is both the poorest and the richest province in Panama, depending on your perspective. Its local population is devastatingly in need of help yet its natural surroundings and spectacular wildlife have earned the province its UNESCO title.

Apart from the World Heritage Sites, Panama is filled with local gems and special places to visit. Here, at Coconut Lodge, we are glad to help you plan your stay. Ask us for more information!


Two Oceans

For many people, when hearing the word Panama, it is its Canal that automatically comes to mind. In this small Central American country, water is the basis for everything. Its freshwater, interoceanic world-famous Canal, beautiful pristine beaches in its three archipelagos, world-class surf, spectacular waterfalls and unbelievable proximity between its two oceans are but a few aquatic aspects of this country, well worth planning your trip to Panama around.

Natural Beauty

When you visit Panama and its capital, Panama City, you have the impression that you are a groundbreaker, a pioneer. Tourism as an industry has only been taken seriously in Panama for the past 10 years or so. However, we can trace the first visitors back to the colonial period. The country has always been considered as a gateway or passage into the Americas which is why for many years, its incredible natural beauty was overshadowed by its strategic “hub” position and towering Canal. Now, the beaches, the islands, the Baru Volcano, the rainforest, flora and fauna are finally getting the attention they deserve. Be one of the first to discover this hidden gem of the Americas… You will never forget your journey into awe-inspiring Panama.

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    City Tours

    Choose from a selection of our city tours visiting several of those places:

    • The Panama Canal
    • The Old District of Casco Viejo
    • The ruins of Panama Viejo
    • Visiting a restaurant or bar on the causeway Amador
    • Watching cruises and container ships entering the Panama Canal
    • Visiting the fish market
    • Cerro Ancon
    • The Metropolitan Park
    An unforgettable experience at the Coconut Lodge

    Coconut Lodge has the luxury of an all-in hotel but vibe and coziness of a small and intimate B&B. It is surrounded by flora and fauna and a real escape from the busy city of Panama, still close enough to visit the vibrating City at any time.

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    The all-in package includes a gourmet breakfast, lunch and dinner with beverages being served on a terrace watching over the unground pool. The rooms have everything equipped you could possible want and need: hair dryer, airco and/or ventilation, plasma flat screen and a safe for your valuables.

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